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Are you here because you want to feel better? 
Do you have anxiety or a lifestyle habit that is impacting you negatively? Do you manage stress with ineffectual yet habitual coping strategies that you want to drop quickly and efficiently as you develop a new habit of persistently feeling better? If you can answer yes to any of these questions you are in the right place to find resolution  using  either my  Kick A Habit ® Approach or As If By Magic Pathway  to achieve your outstanding result. 
The time to take action, to halt your self destruction, is now.  

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Caroline Anderson
Problem Habits, Feel Better I offer a blended combination of training, coaching, information exchange, therapeutic techniques  tailored to your needs . If you want to feel better and improve a habit and are ready to  create a fresh chapter in the story of your life I look forward to meeting you at your consultation soon; hopefully in person at Cowdray Hall or On-Line, so that you can  achieve your outstanding result. Book Here

The Kick A Habit ® Approach
It is simple, works and is based on the premise that your habitual way of responding to your world in some area or multiple parts of your life isn't working for you and that you want to experience something better. It is formed around the word Habit;

H    Honesty 
A    Actions and Accountability
B    Beliefs and Behaviours
I     Identity
T    Trust

The Kick A Habit ®  Approach 
  • Is focused on the potential impact for you of dropping a problem habit habit.
  • Acknowledges your potential roadblocks and routes around or through them. 
  • Creates a bridge to where you want to be from where you are now.
  • Pinpoints small actions that you can take for maximum results.
  • Enhances your skills of self management to minimise effort and to persistently feel better.
  • Facilitates exchange of useful information.
  • Triggers your Inspired Motivation to suceed in persistently feeling better, even if you have previously struggled. 
  • Identifies and promotes your personal strengths, preferred learning strategies, life satisfaction and freedom.


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