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Anxiety and its friends, low confidence, self esteem issues and low mood problems can and do blight many lives. Stopping this life depleting destructive cycle is easier when you interupt your response pattern and choose how to respond to the trigger, although I know that sometimes that is easier said than done. Anxiety is really a misused survival strategy. Luckily though, your mind is very adaptable and attuned to your best interest. I hope to meet you soon and help you Switch Off Anxiety (SOFA) and Thrive. The gift to yourself of increased peace of mind is like a proverbial pebble in the pond. Your peace of mind will ripple out and touch the lives of everyone in yours. 

Wishing You A Happier And More Peaceful Christmas And New Year,     Caroline
To Switch Off Anxiety For Christmas  and prepare to feel better still during 2019 join me in a small group workshop for a SOUTHSEA SOFA SATURDAY this month on  Saturday 22nd December.  For full details and to book your place.

To Switch Off Anxiety And Thrive in 2019  join me in a small group workshop for an ALGARVE SOFA SATURDAY (English Language)  on Saturday 5th January 2019. For full details and to book your place.

Individual /Personal
Three Weeks To Switch Off Anxiety
(SOFA) And Thrive 
Next New SOFA Client Intake Week begining  Monday 14th  January 2019  

How would your life be if you released your experience of persistent anxiety? Would you feel better, have more energy, be more effective, be happier and more fun to be with? My clients are bright people, sometimes perfectionists, often stressed and anxious even when it isn't obvious. All of them are ready to feel better, are you?  In just three weeks of us working together on a weekly basis with supporting material provided you can experience how good you can feel;

Simply switch off your anxiety 
Build your sense of self worth  
Enjoy confidence in making good personal choices  
Experience ease and peace of mind
Release unnecessary fears, worries and stress
Sleep well and feel better 
Experience how it feels to enjoy life more and thrive

As you benefit from using your ability to release and control anxiety,  broken or elusive sleep can improve remarkably quickly. You can stop struggling with feelings of panic or overwhelm as you gather the right skills, let go of old paradigms and slow down your reactiveness to triggers as you begin to choose how to respond to the events of your life. 

During our three weeks of working together we will raise your EQ Emotional Intelligence Skill set , and set you up to encourage resilience or  'Bounce'.  This skill set is the backbone to success in many aspects of life experience and habits. When you have the confidence of this skill set behind you, you will have the primary resources in place to  address other life issues, problems  or habits as you choose. 

After many years of working with people wanting to be free of their specific anxiety and insecurity I have designed these three weeks to make sure that the resources needed are fully available and installed. Drawing from the very best of personal improvement techniques, behaviour theory and the practical applications of top theorists in anxiety and the management of human development, these improved skills are intended to  integrate seamlessly into the fabric of your life. 

The Process Is Simple
Step 1
Book your assessment call. Providing that your assessment indicates that SOFA  is the right course of action for you to take at this time we will book in your first appointment at an agreeable time for us both.   
Step 2
At your first appointment you will be able to clarify and confirm what it is that you personally want to resolve and how that will effect your life going forward. Such outcomes are typically quite clear such as " I want to stop being afraid of my feelings of panic ...( So that I can.....)  or "I want to stop worrying about....(So that I can...).
We move on to fully recognising just where you are now in relation to your desired outcome, we sort out what your EQ Skill set is currently in relation to anxiety management and identify which gates on your pathway to your outcome you already meet the conditions of to get a free pass key. You are able to identify your specific route and where you are on it at any given time. This is an easy stepped approach that can work for you. 
Time, Effort, Price

Each week one to one contact in person (55 minutes)
Daily use of Mp3 / Skill Growth Activity (20 mins a day)
Feedback and Focus (weekly 5 minutes)
Price £295  
Next SOFA Start Date Availability
Southsea   Remedi Clinic, Marmion Road , Week beginning Monday 3rd December 2018 ( 
Apply Here   to be part of this next SOFA experience (please state name and time of day preference) 

If you prefer attending an in person Group environment and are interested in joining a small SOFA Group please join the Southsea Sofa Group Waitlist   or the  Cowdray Sofa Group Waitlist  or the Algarve Sofa Group Waitlist 

Habit Change

 Many try to escape from anxiety into a drug of choice from alcohol to food, gaming to smoking or vaping, the list of options is vast. Sadly, for many the escape route is littered with pain and suffering and yet by taking action and learning to switch off anxiety your choices can become more informed and easier to make. For this reason , I now always begin facilitating habit change by topping up your skill set in anxiety management and self worth. 

Worry is a fear based activity and making choices from a place of fear is a reactive response to life.  Worry can be useful when it is used as fuel for action, but when it becomes circular and overwhelming it can limit your ability to live fully and happily in your world. Often its only when you realise that there is something you want more than the safety zone that your anxiety keeps you in that you start to look for resolution. 

Luckily, there are a number of techniques that you can use to switch off your anxiety based response as soon as you become aware of it. The persistent use of such techniques can create a new pattern of responses that work much better for you. The sense of control that you can develop over your emotional responses can be very satisfying , self empowering even. I like to help people like you,  easily switch off anxiety as your default response, to enjoy sleeping well, to feel calmer and more self confident and be better able to cope with your current and wider life experience. I like to help people step out of their fear and thrive, are you ready?

 Request your appointment here, please give an indication of your availability  .

What To Expect ? 

I will gather information from you about how you are feeling and how you want to feel and  often we will discuss  significant patterns and events in your past experience. I asess your current skill set related to how you manage your emotions and what could do with bolstering. Using your strengths is a short cut to fast improvement.  Often, we begin with anxiety and stress release techniques.  I use a tailored blend of talking therapies including hypnosis, for your effective anxiety , stress relief and emotion management. As  you begin to quickly feel more able to cope, more in control, you may also feel safe to work on a core issue at a deeper level if you choose. This can be a very simple process . Soon, you can find a calm even response to a previously anxiety sparking situation and build lasting benefits over the longer term.  

Why Me?
My own experience with anxiety as a success driven high achiever during my teens, twenties and early thirties resulted in persistent illness, low mood, burn out, sleep issues and difficulty with personal relationships. Out of necessity, due to a health crisis and as a mother of two young sons, I learned the importance of becoming proactive and how to effectively manage my emotion based responses to my world. I realised that I was living a type of anxiety fuelled 'Happiness Complex' For several years, as I recovered from Cancer treatment,  I stopped chasing after happiness and feeling the stress of never quite catching it  and began studying both anxiety and happiness instead. I soon discovered that success and happiness were not actually the same thing; happiness is very personal whilst success is often very public!  As I learned to manage my own emotions rather than trying to manage my world, my life changed. I became happier, any periods of low mood became short lived, I quit smoking cigarettes, my sleep quality improved as did my personal relationships . My life is not perfect, but how I experience my life is now something I am very comfortable with. Once qualified in the field , I began to help other people to face their own demons and to switch off anxiety as a default response to life. Overtime, I have worked with many people and generally use relatively simple processes to switch off unwanted anxiety at will and help people thrive.

When Will You Be Ready ?

The answer is really Now.... It is the sum total of your Emotion Management directing your choices, actions, thoughts, beliefs and corresponding behaviours creating patterns in the circumstance of your life that have resulted in your current life experience and habits. It might not seem that way, it may feel as if you have just responded to what and where you found yourself. It is clear though, that if you want a better future,  a better life experience, its in your hands.
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Warm Regards,   Caroline Anderson 
MSc Psychology,  BSc hons Clinical Hynosis, Master Nlp, Plus ++++ 




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