Kick A Habit (tm) and Transform Your Life

Change is only easy when you strongly believe that the benefits of doing something differently are greater than the benefits of staying the same.

Rewrite Your Story

I have learned during my many years of experience, that all the therapists, coaches, facilitators, transformation writers or consultants in the world are unlikely to help you transform your life into something better until you are ready to rewrite the story of who you are to some degree. In other words, the sum total of your actions, thoughts, beliefs and corresponding behaviours and patterns in the circumstance of your life have resulted in your current life experience and habits. If you want something better for yourself you will either need to add something or remove something from the mix, interrupt or disrrupt the old patterns, breaking the continuity of your old way of experiencing life to allow for the new.

Perspective and Process

It can be challenging, although not impossible, to recognise your own patterns of thought, action and belief that have landed you where you are now. Following either a self directed process of assessment, direction setting , enablement  and progress monitoring or being guided through that same process by another, or both, can ease your path.  The calibre of your decision to stop something or start something is critical to your success. A half hearted approach is unlikely to lead to the result you are looking for . A decision made with full comittment at your level of self identity is very empowering . These are the big  'I am ' decisions.

Big  'I Am ' Decisions

I am a smoker or I am a non smoker.
I am a problem drinker or I am in control of my alcohol consumption or I am a non drinker.
I am afraid and worried about life or I am enjoying life.
I am wounded by 'their' behaviour or I am in charge of my own happiness.
I am fat and unfit or I am feeling healthier every day.
I am scared to win or I am celebrating my success.
I am rubbish with money or I am knowledgable about money. 

The Kick A Habit tm process is simple and easy to remember and is based on the premise that your habitual way of responding to your world in some area or multiple parts of your life isnt working for you and that you want to experience something better. It is formed around the word Habit;

Actions and Accountability
Beliefs and Behaviours
Time and Trust

Whilst the process can be applied to a variety of  issues the programs that you can currently sign up for and access include Stop Smoking  and Stop Problem Drinking with more scheduled for delivery over the coming months.  

Self Directed Formats are available or are soon to available in the following formats;
As an E-Book
As an interactive online training course
As an Evergreen Webinar 

In Person Guidance is available;

At Real World Training and Workshop Events Book Here
Via Online training and Workshop Events Book Here
One to One via Skype  Book Here
In person at certain locations Book Here 

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