Switch Off Anxiety (SOFA) and Thrive With Me 

Anxiety Is A Feeling
Anxiety typically describes a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease often triggered by uncertainty over an imminent event or potential outcome. Anxiety can be life limiting. Avoidance of the triggers of uncertainty maybe your way of managing how you feel, but it can lead to heartache, loneliness and a failure to thrive. Many clients have expressed how they often feel  ‘unsafe’ or exposed and vulnerable or threatened, some define themselves by ‘their’ anxiety, it drives every part of their life. Some with anxiety also experience a sense of defeatism; a sense that anxiety owns them and they must do its bidding. Pervasive anxiety can be exhausting.
It Doesn't Have To Be That Way For You!
When you feel that the benefits of improving  your emotion management skills outweigh the benefits of staying the same , you can transform your experience, and thrive. It’s worth focussing on the definition of anxiety as a feeling, an emotion based response.  A feeling is not an affliction, a crippling illness of the nervous system in itself. When anxiety becomes the go to emotional response to specific triggers or life in general it means an automated response pattern has been established. Pattern interrupt is an effective and easily learned skill that switches off anxiety with action and just one of the many valuable anxiety management techniques you will benefit from during your Switch Off Anxiety (SOFA) and Thrive Experience with me.
Anxiety and The Gift of Peace of Mind

The gift to yourself of increased peace of mind is like the proverbial pebble in the pond.Your peace of mind ripples out and touches the lives of everyone in yours, in the same way that your misplaced anxiety does. The self imposed limitations to your life can fall away when you SOFA. You can feel better, happier even, sooner than you might think. I hope to meet you soon at your Switch Off Anxiety (SOFA) and Thrive Experience in 2019.

With Warm Regards,    

Caroline Anderson 
 ( MSc hons Psychology, BSc hons Clinical Hypnosis )



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