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Are you ready to feel better ?  Is it time to drop a lifestyle habit that is impacting you negatively? Do you manage stress with ineffectual yet habitual coping strategies that you want to upgrade thoroughly, simply and efficiently?  Do you experience heightened persistent anxiety or use food or alcohol to self medicate? Would you like the support and guidance of a skilled facilitator of habit change  and transformation to help you take action and halt your self destruction now? 

If so, I'd like to work with you for a while, to help you feel better, cope better , feel calmer and more confident  in yourself without resorting to problem drinking or abusing food and your body in order to manage how you feel. I have successfully worked with many clients whose stress, anxiety and lifestyle choices led them to seek help to upgrade their habits, their behavior, how they were feeling functioning and experiencing their world , is it your turn now?

The sum total of your choices, actions, thoughts, beliefs and corresponding behaviours creating patterns in the circumstance of your life thave resulted in your current life experience and habits. It might not seem that way, it may feel as if you have just responded to what and where you found yourself. It is clear though, that if you want a better future,  a better life experience, its in your hands; it is time to do things differently and the right time to find some clarity and start creating your future, is now.  Shall we begin? 

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Warm Regards,   Caroline Anderson

Problem Habits, Feel Better I offer a blended combination of training, coaching, information exchange, therapeutic techniques  tailored to your needs . If you want to feel better and improve a habit and are ready to  create a fresh chapter in the story of your life I look forward to meeting you soon; hopefully in person at Cowdray Hall or On-Line, so that you can  achieve your outstanding result. 
The Kick A Habit ® Framework  & The Satisfaction Formula
My approach is simple and works. It is based on the premise that your habitual way of responding to your world in some area or multiple parts of your life isn't working for you and that you want to experience something better, and that the more clarity and belief  you have about what 'something better' is for you and how it will impact your life , the easier it is for you  to bridge the gap.  The  creative application of the satisfaction formula  "Your Targeted Future X Motivation X Thought + Action = Satisfaction  within the  KAH framework triggers your evolution at a number of levels.  Shift from self sabotage to self assurance, from being a casualty of circumstance to a creator of your life story, from the stress and exhaustion of trying to control your experience to authoring it. 

The Framework
H    Honesty 
A    Actions and Accountability
B    Beliefs and Behaviours
I     Identity
T    Trust

The Kick A Habit ®  Framework 
  • Is focused on the potential impact for you of dropping a problem habit habit.
  • Acknowledges your potential roadblocks and routes around or through them. 
  • Creates a bridge to where you want to be from where you are now.
  • Pinpoints small actions that you can take for maximum results.
  • Enhances your skills of self management to minimise effort and to persistently feel better.
  • Facilitates exchange of useful information.
  • Triggers your Inspired Motivation to suceed in persistently feeling better, even if you have previously struggled. 
  • Identifies and promotes your personal strengths, preferred learning strategies, life satisfaction and freedom.

In itself of course it is nothing without your participation , I look forward to being part of your journey and helping you experience a life that you know is worth living and worth living well. Caroline


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