Updated 1st June 2018
If you would like to work with me this summer,  I'm mostly to be found  at Cowdray Therapy Rooms in Midhurst , Southsea in Hampshire and also in Portugal at our house in the Algarve where I'm working on a new project and with clients in person and by Skype . If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, just drop me an email and we can book in an initial 20 minute call to explore your options.  XCaroline 

I help people to get unstuck; to release emotional pain, manage physical pain, reduce stress and adjust their personal habits so as to quite simply, feel better.   

Is that why you are here? How will your life be when you feel better about being you?  Would you like my support in bridging the gap beween where you are now and where you would like to be, so that you can also simply feel better?  

I use a skillful blend of Talking Therapies including hypnosis, relaxation and release techniques for effective anxiety and stress relief and management. As appropriate,  you will receive the information and skills training you need to empower yourself as you go forward and to retain the benefits of feeling better.    

Perhaps it is time to drop a lifestyle habit that is impacting you negatively. Perhaps managing stress differently, will help you to feel better? If you experience heightened persistent anxiety I can help you deactivate that  unwarranted fear response safely and teach you to experience a feeling of calm at will.  If you use food or alcohol or other substances or behaviours to self medicate there are other ways to feel better , would you like to practice creating a healthier self created high and to feel that you can really trust yourself to make good choices for yourself going forward? 

 If your answer is yes, I'd like to work with you for a while, to help you feel better, to cope better, feel calmer and more confident  in yourself without resorting to feeling unloved, anxious, angry, stressed, burned out, fed up or as if you can't or would rather not cope anymore. If you are problem drinking or abusing food and your body in order to manage how you feel , lets work on that so that you can also feel better.  I have successfully facilitated personal transformation with many clients whose stress, anxiety and lifestyle choices led them to seek help to upgrade their habits, upgrade their behavior, and upgrade how they were feeling functioning and experiencing their world , is it your turn now?

It is the sum total of your choices, actions, thoughts, beliefs and corresponding behaviours creating patterns in the circumstance of your life that have resulted in your current life experience and habits. It might not seem that way, it may feel as if you have just responded to what and where you found yourself. It is clear though, that if you want a better future,  a better life experience, its in your hands; it is time to do things differently and the right time to find some clarity and start creating your future, is now.  Shall we begin? Do you want to experience a life that you know is worth living and worth living well? 

To explore working with me personally check out My Terms of Engagement  or register your interest here and I'll get right back to you. 

Warm Regards,   Caroline Anderson

Personal Transformation Specialist: Your Bridge To Feeling Better 
A tailored blend of hypnosis, training, coaching, information exchange and therapeutic techniques .


The Kick A Habit ® Framework  & The Satisfaction Formula

As the originator of the framework , I often use  it in combination with the satisfaction formula .

The Satisfaction Formula 

"Your Targeted Future  x  Motivation x Thought + Action = Your Satisfaction "

When applied creatively within the  KAH framework it can trigger your evolution at a number of levels.  Shift from self sabotage to self assurance, from being a casualty of circumstance to a creator of your life story, from the stress and exhaustion of trying to control your experience to authoring it. 

The  KAH Framework
H    Honesty 
A    Actions and Accountability
B    Beliefs and Behaviours
I     Identity
T    Trust

They are nothing though, without your participation, I look forward to being part of your journey.



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