Terms of Engagement and Fees 

You may pay your consultation fees in Sterling , Euros, Dollars or Bitcoin or Etherum.

If you would like me to help you resolve your lifestyle habit and feel better, I am very happy to work with you directly. My fees this summer  £950 or E950 or $950 per month depending on your location  and you simply keep working with me until you feel that you don't need to any more, at which point you simply stop. There is no big contract or notice period to worry about. Clients may find their issues resolved in a relatively short period of time whilst others prefer to take their time. Skype is an easy,  flexible  way to communicate with each other, although we can also meet in person when we are in the same locality.  

I will help you to feel better, improve and evolve. My approach is an efficient and  pragmatic way to upskill your self management, drop problem habits, and develop a habit of feeling better, persistently over time. 

Consultations embrace elements of Training, Coaching, Information Exchange and Therapeutic Techniques as appropriate and are normally scheduled on weekday mornings and we will agree times that work for us normally either weekly or fortnightly  with email contact between appointments as needed.

Please be prepared to commit to using the Support Materials that will be made available to you and/or implementing variations to your daily practices and routines. 

Private Consultation Location

Cowdray Hall Therapy Rooms, Easebourne, Midhurst , West Sussex, UK

Conrad Algarve  Estrada Quinta Da Lago
by arrangement

Deep Dives, Team Briefings and Workshops

Please email a brief outline of your requirement with location or to arrange a Skype call to discuss.
Tel: 0742 888 4468
Email: caroline@withcaroline.com
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