Personal Consultations and Fees 

Outstanding results are obtainable for people who want to improve and evolve. Therapy and counselling have their place  and tend to be for people to heal and although sometimes healing is part of successful habit transformation using the Kick A Habit tm approach it  is also pragmatic and offers the potential for continued improvement over time. Although the consultations embrace elements of coaching,they also blend in therapeutic techniques and  habit training so more information is exchanged and techniques taught than in any of those stand alone environments. Typically, consultations are about commiting to take action with the discipline of accountablity in order to gain your desired result with the addition of information and resources to help you redirect how you think, feel, experience and re- connect with the very best of yourself.
I am regularly available for private consultations at Constance Studio, Orchard Road, Southsea, Portsmouth and also at
Cowdray Hall Therapy Rooms, Easebourne near Midhurst fees vary according to location and duration.

1 hour single  appointment in Southsea is £95
2 hour General Resolution appointment in Southsea is £180

Cowdray Hall Therapy Rooms, Easebourne, Midhurst 
1 hour single appointment at Cowdray is £130
2 hour General Resolution appointment at Cowdray is £245


Appointment Fees   

The verification process ensures the Kick A Habit framework is appropriate for you.
Any recurring recurring monthly contract can be stopped without quibbling at any time. 


Fee Payments

An invoice is raised and  payment made by the client automatically at the beginning of each month for those participating in ongoing plans and for corporate clients.

Team Briefings and Workshops

A 3 hour workshop for up to 15 participants  is £1100 plus expenses
Please email a brief outline of your requirement with location or to arrange a Skype call to discuss.

A full Consultation Day on- site  is £2200 plus expenses
Please email a brief outline of your requirement with location or to arrange a Skype call to discuss.
Constance Studio     
75 Orchard Road 

Tel: 07920 282015
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