The Kick A Habit ® Approach                     

What It Is
The Kick A Habit ® approach is used to achieve efficient habit change and meets the needs of those who like the idea of structured effective personal evolution. The approach is organised around a multi faceted, efficient approach to habit change that can be tailored to individual requirements. The approach is used in the context of a persons life story, empowering each person to take charge and  write the next chapters in their life, so as to feel better both now and persistently over time. The pillars of Kick A Habit ® are Honesty, Action & Accountability, Beliefs & Behaviours, Identity and Trust.

The purpose of the Kick A Habit ® approach is to help  create and reinforce lasting positive change in  habits of thought, feelings and behavior to help people feel better.It  derives from both research and practical facilitation of positive habit change.  is  a fluid model of Positive Intervention; its' fluidity is driven by  the effectiveness of its implementation over time and client "need led" adaptiveness.  Equally, the approach has the potential to be applied to organisational structures from teams, informal groups to enterprises and non-profits. 

Fuzzy Fit
The fluidity of the approach means that it may be applied either within perceived stages of habit change or throughout a perceived continuum of habit change. The fluidity of the Kick A Habit ® approach allows tailored content that is specific to a particular habit and, or participant ‘fit’ at a point in time so as to be efficient, effective, interesting and relevant. Individual positive interventions are subject to continual assessment regarding their efficacy and fit. Scoring of efficacy for its target ‘fit’ continuously informs the use of a micro or module of positive intervention whilst still recognizing that the subjective influence of relationships, facilitator skill, social influence and individualism, environment and the moment will nevertheless create a somewhat Fuzzy fit that maintains the need for professional awareness and skill in application and delivery.

The model itself blends elements of Self Determination Theory and the Health Action Process Model at both a modular and micro level. Each intervention and each module created from groupings of interventions are subject to a criteria match before acceptance. The Kick A Habit ® approach targets specific aspects of habits of thought, feelings and behavior and seeks to clarify appropriate use of PI’s ( Positive Intervention) for the target population or participant ‘fit’ and are subjected to testability where feasible against a pre-formatted criteria. It is however primarily a practical approach of intervention to achieve positive change so where possible the descriptive language used within the framework is in common use.


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