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Is it time to get help to make your weight loss wishes a reality? 
I’m guessing that you have been wishing you could lose weight for a while and have probably tried several diets  or more already and have decided, very sensibly to try something different.

The Satisfaction Formula. 
is the application of a clear process that engages your mind and your will to work for you rather than against you. It is a solution that is an  As Well As activity not an Instead Of Activity. What I mean by that is that if you doggedly keep doing things just the way you  have been, you will be setting yourself against the flow of the application of the Satisfaction Formula and that will impact your outcomes negatively.  You can use this with any healthy diet plan or just with the expectation of allowing yourself to make better choices about what to eat, what to do and how to manage how you feel. Commitment is easy when you are gripped by Inspired Motivation and have a truly meaningful weight loss target to aim for.

As a teen after overhearing some very negative comments about my weight I just stopped eating for a while and found that I was then struggling to stay well, I was depressed and became far too thin  and struggled to eat. I know how easy it can be to have a poor relationship both with food and one's own body but more importantly I know it is both possible and desirable to recover from that, to evolve and grow into the person we choose to be.   As an adult my weight has been fairly stable , its not something I dwell on but I do know that the way we think about who we are and what we want  is of critical importance to matching the idea of who we want to be with reality.

Now I have the inside knowledge on how to achieve a slimmer mindset to take you all the way to achieving your wish for healthy weight loss, and some very happy past clients.

The magic begins to happen as your mind starts to drive your actions in ways that support you instead of working against you and we work together overtime so that you can enjoy the benefits of this  supportive experience. You will be supported and guided through that mindset evolution, each step, unlocking the next.  You may notice a difference , sooner than you might think!

Let’s be clear it isn’t me who is able to wave a magic wand on your behalf, it is you closely following the steps provided who will make your own brand of personal magic and that begins by clarifying your DESIRES and INSPIRED MOTIVATION and to help with that. it’s time to get busy.  

Please check with your health provider that it is safe for you to participate in a weight loss program at this time. This solution is not medical  advice and medical advice from your caregivers should always take precedence over the advice and activities offered during this weight loss program. Weight loss is not guaranteed, although all aspects of this solution are offered in good faith of its efficacy. Your active participation is crucial to your success in using this solution. All materials offered to you in this solution are subject to international copyright law.    

In relation to your weightloss desires you will be given the opportunity to
  • Clarify Your Desires and Build Your Motivation to take inspired action
  • Connect More Fully To The Signals of Your Appetite
  • Feed your body not your emotions
  • Release unhelpful beliefs and behaviours about food
  • Become your bodies best friend
  • Release the weight of past emotion based experiences
  • Move on past old stuck roles and routines
  • Quit mindless eating
  • Become more inclined to move more and eat lean
  • Adapt your habits
The Satisfaction Formula.   
Understanding what is meant by the Satisfaction  Formula in this weight loss solution is a good place to start.  It begins with your very clear desire or wish stirred up with inspired motivation, powered with creative visualistion, engagement with that satisfying experience to  invoke your will to naturally and easily adjust your actions and decisions persistently over time to create the outstanding outcomes that you first expressed a real wish or desire to be your reality. The Satisfaction Formula is the effective application of your mind to wish fulfilment. 
Often your Will can be busying away in the background, re-ordering your priorities, influencing everyday choices and actions that impact your daily routines and circumstances. Frequently, this type of personal ‘will’ activity will drop out of your everyday awareness, so that you don’t actively interfere with its progress and you can focus on other things in your life, like having fun, your work, your relationships. Yet, you can stay on target and achieve and maintain your weight loss persistently, over time.

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