Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia 

Not a phobia in the true sense of the word as the triggers may be diverse and particular to the individual and is really best described as a variant of anxiety. Sufferers will experience typical symptoms of anxiety and may also use avoidance as a major strategy. Others may grit their teeth and involve themselves if necessary. Typically low self confidence and low self esteem feature and people may assume they are being judged and found wanting in some way or be wary of public humiliation or embarrasing themselves . Some feel the eyes of others as if they are burning their skin. Sometimes a single sensitising event may trigger Social Anxiety but more often I find it is one that tends to be on a slow burn for sometime before developing into a more insiduos condition that limits the variety and extent of daily life.

You will be asked before you begin treatment to complete an thorough assessment of your current experience of social anxiety . As you go through the your treatment plan we will revisit that assessment to check your progress and assess your reintegration into your social world with ease and confidence.

Plan to work with me for several months with the use of support materials  between appointments Terms of Engagement 

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