Help for Fear of Dentists and Dental Anxiety 

Is the dentist or the dental office a place of terror for you, evoking a highly stressed state and preventing you from seeking help when it is needed ? If the answer is yes then seeking help is a sensible solution that can benefit your health long term as poor dental health is known to have significant consequences. The "White Coat" effect is well documented yet you might be surprised at how differently you will feel  after your treatment for Fear of Dentists and Dental procedures here in Portsmouth Southsea or in  Initially you will complete a questionnaire similar to the Coralis Dental Anxiety Scale ( DAS) that will elicit information about the degree of your dental anxiety, your specific triggers and how you personally experience the anxiety. This information is updated through your treatment to measure your progression and improvement. Studies show, (McCready 2008) that it is possible to significantly reduce even severe dental anxiety using hypnotherapy.

Treatment Plan Hypnodontia
Give yourself the gift of time when possible to make significant inroads on your dental anxiety before you are in an urgent situation and book your treatment to begin 3 to 6 weeks prior to any course of Dental treatment. If you are already having dental treatment and want help urgently then I will do my best to achieve some fast relief for your dental anxiety with you so that you can have the necessary dentistry  and then achieve dental confidence with ease.

Plan to work with me for several months for and to use support materials for stress and symptom reduction between appointments. Terms of Engagement


My first hand journey through a process of complete dental rehabilitiation that took sevaral years to complete concluded a few year s ago included multiple extractions, root canal treatment and pins drilled into my jawbone. Heightened anxiety can have a strange effect on the effectiveness of some dental anaesthetics, so I had to swiftly learn to combat a personal life long phobia towards dentistry and teeth, that had probably contributed significantly to the amount of work that I needed. I could tell you all sorts of dental horror stories that I have encountered but I won't! After all, there is little point in compounding your concerns by feeding them,  is there? 

Suffice to say that my own phobic responses to dentists, the door to the dental surgery,- any dental surgery , the needles, the sounds and smells were heavily ingrained and so I had to pay a lot of attention to discover which of the many triggers could set off an anxious response. Luckily, I got a lot of practice! from London to Budapest , I found that it was important to take steps to generally manage any regular day to day stress effectively, especially on the dentist days, I learned the value of mentally foccusing on the end result each time I thought about dentistry and to immediately pay attention to and reduce sensations of anxiety and dental fear as they occurred. I found that closing my eyes during procedures didn't help if I was foccussed on my made it worse, but closing my eyes and foccussing on a calming image or word, could work wonders!

I tell you all this to let you know that I have backed up my theoretical knowledge with personal practical application and have experienced both the problem of dental fears and phobias and their resolution and would welcome the opportunity to give you the practical help necessary for you to leave your dental fears and phobia behind you as well. 

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