Medical Procedure Anxiety and Medical Test Distress 

You are not alone, so  many people  experience fear, anxiety or emotional distress when faced with some Medical tests and medical procedures . Luckily there is significant evidence that indicates that  getting the right mindset using talking therapies and training is a very good way to treat fear of Medical tests and Medical procedures.

A Meta Analysis of the available data  (2008 Schur, Kofer, Montgomery ) reviewed the evidence presented in over 26 trials and more than 2000 people who received hypnosis to manage emotional distress related to medical procedures and concluded that there was an overall LARGE effect in favour of hypnosis as a treatment or therapy for the condition. 

Investigating Fear of Medical Procedure and Medical Test Anxiety

Although medical matters are a common subject of anxiety and fear, your personal experience of it is unique to you and to effectively reduce your anxiety or even dispel it altogether it is important to understand what it is is that is triggering your fear. The reasons may be varied from including  past experiences, the fear of the unknown, a perceived lack of personal control,  to fear of a negative outcome or result and many others. You will initially be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess the degree of your fears, their complexity and their triggers, this will result in numerical values that can be revisted during your treatment to show your progress and increased readiness to progress with your medical care without emotional distress. You will be shown practical ways to manage your fears, to reduce anxiety and feel calm and collected when needed. Hynosis is used to reinforce  physiological shifts so that you can face what is needed with ease.

Treatment For Medical Procedure and Test Fear

You may find relief very quickly I work with you as many do when fear is  localised. If  you have underlying stress or anxiety I will work with you for your  maximim benefit and so I work with most people for  several  months. 
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