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Success is achieved through the quality of your preparation and whilst your appointment to Stop Smoking is just 2 hours long your preparation is best began a week to ten days prior to that time. Think of it like is all over and done within a day but has taken more than a week to fully prepare for!

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 A 2 hour personal appointment with Stop Smoking Expert,  Caroline Anderson MSc Hons Psych, BSc Hons Clinical Hypnosis
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My Smoking Story

Are you wondering why I am the right person to help you Kick A Habit and Stop Smoking?  I hope so, I like being sure that I'm making a good choice and I've a habit of always going to the best! It can take some research to sort the wheat from the chaff, but if you want Stop Smoking Success without stress, you have reached the right place. 

Being able to help you Stop Smoking is something that I enjoy and get real satisfaction from. It is one of my most rewarding activities because I know how much it can mean to you, by how much it still means to me, to have stopped smoking; it can be lifesaving. 

I used to smoke 20 to 40 Marlboro' cigarettes each and every day for years 
until one night I lit a late night cigarette and within 20 seconds heard my then baby son Tom, cough in his sleep. He was sleeping in his cot in the room next door to mine so quietly  until the puff of smoke drifted into his room and triggered his cough.

That was it, finally and in that instant  I did actually quit and stop smoking, after many failed previous attempts, but  It was tough. I did put on weight, I did reward myself in other not so good for me ways, I did get quite stressed at times,  but I kept going. I had discovered a significant key to stopping smoking - Motivation - and discovered many more.  That helped ease the pain and I  went on to learn that I could use my mind to beat the dependancy I thought I had on cigarettes and feel really good about having kicked that smoking habit.

Since then, I have spent thousands of pounds and years of my life, learning as much as possible to help other people kick their unwanted habits, especially smoking and achieve stress free success.  I gained certificates, diplomas and degrees in subjects relating to the human mind and behaviour  and have now personally helped many people  far and wide, to  Stop Smoking, from Harley Street  and Canary Wharf in London originally,  now the reach constantly increases with the wonder of  the internet and from my consulting rooms in the South of England, London and Portugal.  

Now, I have brought together the very best techniques, material and routines  to build your motivation to make decisions that stick, to improve your life  and to help you find success without stress  using The Kick A Habit 
® way to Stop Smoking so that you and smokers like you , can become life long non smokers and join me in feeling really great to have kicked an unwanted habit and Stop Smoking. Book Your Appointment Here      or  if you would like to check that the two hour method is appropriate for you first complete your Smoking profile HERE ....I look forward to meeting you.
 Warm Regards, Caroline Anderson 

With Stop Smoking: Kick A Habit® You Can Create

A big savings fund of your money over time, potentially thousands of pounds a year!
A fitter you  with all that extra lung capacity and oxygen in your blood.
A great example for the kids in your life.
A strong sense of feeling really proud of yourself  for Stopping Smoking for life.
Perhaps a longer life to enjoy your family and lesuire than in the past. 
A better habit of being a lifelong Non smoker at your own pace.
A more relaxed, confident and less stressed you safely.
Your success without stress.
A fresher, cleaner you!

Stop Smoking: The Kick a Habit® Way: The Five Pillars of Habit 

We explore the extent and impact of your old Smoking Habit
We elicit the rewards your old Smoking Habit gave you
We get find your strengths and how to maximise them
We set forward direction, connect you with resources and begin resolution 
Action and Accountability
Motivation: We will boost it.
Commitment is an over reaching action of intent: We will intensify it

Appointment or Course helps!
Use of tailored audios and resources
Practice better ways to manage stress and relaxation
Beliefs and Behaviour
Discover and acknowledge the motivations, strategies and thinking driving your old habit
Release unwanted behaviours and ideasLearn and develop a healthier set of coping behaviors.


Shift that old Smoking habit into your past
Recognise what suited your past
Gain the inner confidence to live life free of Smoking dependency.
Notice how much better you feel as a Non Smoker.

Create a life and identity that embraces the best of who you are as a Non Smoker.
Feel great every time you even think of a cigarette without ever wanting to smoke again.
Develop trust in yourself to respond appropriately
Build Trust in yourself to stay with your decision
Trust that you will enjoy success and feel increasingly proud of your ability to become and remain a non smoker.  
Trust that you can and will Stop being a Smoker and become a Non Smoker
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