Stop Smoking: Kick A Habit ® : Success Without Stress 
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I love it when my clients Stop Smoking! As someone who successfully dropped my own 20 to 40 Marlboro a day Smoking Habit some years ago I know both about the challenges and the absolute satisfaction that derives from Kicking a Smoking Habit.   It can be life saving. 

I now focus on helping those smokers and vapers whose habit is tied up with anxiety and stress to stop smoking by first helping you create the mindset needed to untangle your stress and anxiety.  This is no single two hour fix as in the past. Lets be honest the health and social pressures to stop smoking and vaping are more than sufficient for people to stop if it were just a case for you of making a simple habit change. The 2 hour fix really does work for those who have all the personal resources they need to stop smoking but if you don't have them already in place it is worth taking the time and putting in the effort to acquire them. I'd like to work with you for a while  so that you can achieve that...then we can do the two hour fix! 

Success is about clarity, coherence and planning and quality. Are you ready ? Terms of Engagement


With Stop Smoking: Kick A Habit® You Can Create

Your success without stress
A fitter you  with all that extra lung capacity and oxygen in your blood.
A great example for the kids in your life.
A strong sense of feeling really proud of yourself  for Stopping Smoking for life.
Perhaps a longer life to enjoy your family and lesuire than in the past. 
A better habit of being a lifelong Non smoker at your own pace.
A more relaxed, confident and less stressed .
A fresher, cleaner you!

Stop Smoking: The Kick a Habit® Way: The Five Pillars of Habit 

We explore the extent and impact of your old Smoking Habit
We elicit the rewards your old Smoking Habit gave you
We get find your strengths and how to maximise them
We set forward direction, connect you with resources and begin resolution 
Action and Accountability
Motivation: We will boost it.
Commitment is an over reaching action of intent: We will intensify it

Appointment or Course helps!
Use of tailored audios and resources
Practice better ways to manage stress and relaxation
Beliefs and Behaviour
Discover and acknowledge the motivations, strategies and thinking driving your old habit
Release unwanted behaviours and ideasLearn and develop a healthier set of coping behaviors.


Shift that old Smoking habit into your past
Recognise what suited your past
Gain the inner confidence to live life free of Smoking dependency.
Notice how much better you feel as a Non Smoker.

Create a life and identity that embraces the best of who you are as a Non Smoker.
Feel great every time you even think of a cigarette without ever wanting to smoke again.
Develop trust in yourself to respond appropriately
Build Trust in yourself to stay with your decision
Trust that you will enjoy success and feel increasingly proud of your ability to become and remain a non smoker.  
Trust that you can and will Stop being a Smoker and become a Non Smoker

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