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A Problem Drinking habit is one you can kick; the complexity and severity of it and your reasons, motivation and ability to embrace change will influence your progression but you will be led discretely through that process  so that you can transform your life into one you are happier to live. 

 I work individually and discreetly with bright, interesting people who are challenged by their relationship to alcohol and want to move past that and get on with actually living! Many of my clients have experienced success in their life, their problem drinking habit had become a part of their shadow side, where they went to hide. Past clients explain that what they notice first is that they gain a clarity as they go about their day that had been missing for sometime. 
Case Study

A recent client admitted that he took a wry pleasure in attending a meeting after several weeks of not drinking, where he knew that for some time his presence had been tolerated whilst others made the real decisions. The adjustments in the group dynamic were,  he said,  astonishing as they responded to his clarity and astuteness. After several months, when people had acclimatised to his ability to fully show up and be present, they stopped looking or waiting for him to fall off of his own wagon, they began to rely on him again to fulfil his role and lead his business with confidence into more harmonious and profitable times. 

Some Problem Drinking Habits are easier than others for people to change yet I find that motivation, comitment and adherence to the Kick A Habit® framework can make the difference between success and failure. Recently,  a highly motivated client  fully embraced  the Kick A Habit ® framework  over time  and stopped drinking completly from a high level of daily alcohol consumption. NB. Necessary medical care was also sought to ensure a safe detox period.

 As you can see from the example the Kick A Habit
® approach is not a 10 step process that everyone must go through together. It is simply an effective framework within which to efficiently help you personally and discreetly address your problem drinking habit.
Alcohol : Why Deal With Problem Drinking Now?    
If you feel that your drinking habit is having a negative effect on you and perhaps those around you, then why delay? Those negative effects rippling out into your life can be stopped from creating an an emotional or health storm when you take action to move on from them.

The potential cost of no action on your part is high, increased levels of dependency may make this type of intervention unsuitable for you and very much more expensive. Attendance at a private residential rehab in the UK starts from £4k to £6k a month whilst normally being unable to continue working and impacting close relationships deeply.
Alcohol: Kick A Habit ® of Problem Drinking: ​Suitability
In beginning  Kick A Habit ®  Stop Problem Drinking with me you will either have decided to stop or limit your alcohol use or agreed your stop day , if necessary with medical supervision. Your Doctor, or a Private Doctor will be able to determine the safe speed at which to rein in your intake and offer the appropriate supplements to help your detoxifcation process.  More moderate problem drinkers are less likely to  need medical supervision.You will begin to notice feeling better about yourself from the outset. 

The framework I use is a framework for your improvement and change,  your opportunity to  become mentally and emotionally stronger,  more resilient, more yourself is increased when you closely follow  and implement approproriate actions and exercises.

Alcohol: The Kick A Habit ® Framework  
You acknowledge the extent and impact of your Problem Drinking Habit.
You acknowledge and  elicit the rewards your old Alcohol Habit gave you.
You reveal and acknowledge and build on your strengths.
You decide what you want  and set forward direction
You are connected with resources and begin resolution.

Action & Accountability

You develop your ability to be accountable for your actions.
You decide on your Commitment and act accordingly 
You persistently boost your Motivation to hold your course.
Appointment / course attendance is important.
Use of tailored audios and resources are important.
Self sabatage will be addressed
Your emotional skills will be enhanced.
Notice old triggers and attach better actions to them.

Beliefs and Behaviour

Discover and acknowledge the basis, thinking, feeling and behaviour driving your old habit.
Release outdated thinking , feeling and behaviour associated with your unwanted habit
Add in useful small routines to help you go forward successfully
Build on supportive beliefs
Stop behaving the old way, start behaving the new way.

Understand how change at the identity level is the most successful and how to achieve it.
Decide which edition of yourself you want to be now and going forward.
Disassociate from outdated undesirable aspects of your old problem habit.
Associate strongly with who your fresh improved habit
Explore who you choose to  identify with?

Explore why and how trust is relevant to you.
Develop trust in yourself
Practice being trustworthy.
Practice trusting others appropriately.

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